RefinedEFX California grown, plant-derived full-spectrum Calm CBD daily tincture provides a custom, all natural solution for soothing mind and body. This 1000 mg tincture is formulated using full-spectrum CBD and a unique zen blend of terpenes. Together these work harmoniously to regulate both mental and physical systems that relieve everyday stress and anxiety, supporting balance and mood.

How to Use Refined EFX Calm CBD Tincture

RefinedEFX Calm CBD tincture is easy to use whether you are trying CBD oil for the first time or a connoisseur. For fast results, squeeze half of one dropper or more under your tongue and hold for 30 – 60 seconds before swallowing. Your dose can be adjusted according to your personal preference and you may wish to include these drops in your drinks or recipes as an alternative way to consume your CBD.

With 1000 mg of full-spectrum CBD and a unique blend of zen-inducing terpenes, Refined EFX’s formula expertly regulates both mental and physical systems, effectively alleviating everyday stress and anxiety while promoting balance and enhancing mood. Elevate your wellness routine with Refined EFX and Luxury Cannabis Delivery, where excellence meets convenience.


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